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Optimizing Revenue


In the last two years we have seen the digital-marketing landscape shift dramatically between COVID, Inflation and the constricting economy. The directions of the trend didn’t change as much as accelerate.   

Our Digital Marketing Audit analyzes every aspect of your online marketing, from revenue streams, Brand Awareness, Analytics, Competitors, Website Design to Google-My-Business. You will receive a detailed Review and Findings report with specific recommendations  with the optimal implementation order and estimated investment.


We work with you to understand every aspect of your business, from  marketing/pricing methodology to exit strategy.


Effective marketing is never one size fits all. The cross-channel marketing strategy we recommend is designed specifically to drive success as you measure it.

optimizing profits

Why we use multi-platform marketing. It creates several touch points between the brand and consumers, optimizing engagement along the way. It allows you to meet your audience(s) where they “live” online and tap into the communication channels and social media platforms.



The Alar Group Business coaches help entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals grow in a variety of ways. Working on a fixed schedule we share actionable feedback, personalized advice, and growth plans for their clients to increase company revenue, and increase business growth.


The goal of an Alar Group business coach is to help business owners emphasize their leadership strengths, mitigate weaknesses, and establish a clear path that will help them make better business decisions and manifest their overall vision.


Our Value

At the Alar Group, our executive team leverages over three decades of innovative, nonlinear thought leadership to provide a multi-faceted approach. By integrating business consulting, lead generation, website development, digital marketing, and revenue generation strategies, we are able to create a customized Profit Optimization strategy for your business.


At the Alar Group, we have the capability to deploy usability testing (UX) to your sites and pages to see what is working and what needs to be enhanced to work better. We conduct Social Listening and Market Analysis to gather market intelligence on trending topics and keywords, which in turn, we use to create data-driven content for your sites, pages, platforms, and marketing campaigns.


Our Three Tiered Value Proposition

Planning for Your Success | We take time to understand your business and what constitutes success for you. With this information, we create well informed, unique strategies and solutions tailored for your business and goals

Delivering Data-Driven Strategies | We deliver on these strategies with unparalleled websites, automation,   technology stacks, marketing assets and business intelligence.

Analyze Results, Adjust and Repeat | We continue supporting your brand, pivoting strategies and tactics over time based on real

community data. This ensures you achieve the best possible results for your investment.


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Free Marketing  consultation

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